I feel very relieved and confident that president Obama will bring a new and exciting era to the US. But with my optimism, I can not help but feel very confused by the myriad of conflicting news, views and insights.

I have been forced to travel away from my home in San Francisco for the 4th month now, with no end in sight. I can not help but feel depressed about this on a personal level. But when I actually look around, I realize how lucky I really am to still have a fairly good bill rate, equal to my 2007 Corp-to-Corp rates. But then again, I start looking at what my life away from home consists of…

I work a primary client in Pittsburgh PA during the week-days. Then after work on the weekdays, I spend another 4 to 6 hours per day, working toward my SCJP test, taking additional tests on Java BlackBelt, and generally studying other material to further my career. NONE of this is within a college class, this is all self-motivated.

I was on a flight yesterday back to Pittsburgh. I was reading, yet another 840 page book to occupy my time on the flight. Then I started hearing so many people complaining that  they had to fly to a job meeting for 2 days away from home.  I seem to hear countless people bitching about they minor efforts they have to make to be employed, not even to be competitive. Then those same people up in arms about how bad the unemployment rate is in the country, and complaining about migrant workers in the same sentence. At least migrant workers accept the diverse challenge to stay marketable in a given workplace.

This morning I read that a new $800+ BILLION stimulus package was accepted:


I am honestly not sure what to think. I feel happy that Obama is making proactive strides in very short amount of time. I am also hopeful that the IT consulting market will get better due to this package, and I can regain time in my own house and a more normalized life again.

But I can’t help but feel pessimism, and doubt at the same time.  How many people that are already not interested in the America ‘Competitive‘ Way, are going to get, yet another crutch to continue to coast along in an ever increasing competitive GLOBAL market? Will this stimulus just mask the drive that so many Americans have lost?


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