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February-2008 to November-2008
Through: BASE Logic, Inc.
Client: ServePath; San Francisco, California USA
Position: Lead Architect

About Client:

GoGrid is a division of ServePath, a company with extensive expertise and experience in web hosting infrastructure. The ServePath team wanted to develop a new kind of hosting solution to address the scaling needs of today’s businesses. Over the years, we have seen some of the limitations with dedicated servers and managed hosting. Virtual servers have been around for awhile and always seemed like a good idea, but somehow they always seemed to be not good enough. Through our experience in the dedicated server hosting market, extensive R&D in Xen-based grid technology, and needs of the many rapidly growing companies we serve, the answer became.. (http://www.gogrid.com)

** GoGrid Wins LinuxWorld 2008 Best Of Show Award **



Project Summary:

The goal of the project was to create a next generation virtual grid computing platform. Initially this allowed for server virtualization, but second round included Cloud Storage where virtual server storage could be provisioned and de-provisioned instantly.

Scope of Duties:

Mr. Knutson was tasked with designing and architecting the messaging infrastructure for communicating with the various systems involved. The system clients where written in PHP, Python, Javascript/AJAX and Java. The messages where sent as JSON, and supported SOAP messages. Utilizing Camel, Spring and Active MQ, a very robust command message design was implemented on time. Also implemented a robust test driven development suite where 96% of all messaging code was successfully tested.


Java 5/6 (1.5/6), Spring framework, Tomcat 5/6, Jetty, MS SqlServer, MySql, XML, XSLT, iBatis, Hibernate, JPA, CXF, XFire, Axis, SOAP, JSON, Salesforce, TestNG, DBUnit, Selenium, Maven, Camel, ActiveMQ.

"Best In Show" Linux World 2008
"Best In Show" Linux World 2008

Java / JavaEE / Spring Boot Channel

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