I have been wanting to preset my Google searches in Chrome and Firefox to only search previous year and not use safe-search. I can across a simple plugin that works for both Chrome Dev Channel 20.0.1123.4 and Firefox 12 and came across this plugin:

Google (Past Year, No SafeSearch) (google.com) by Robert Ciaccio [Review]


Hope you find this a useful plugin as it certainly saved me some time.

Mick Knutson

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  • bobfromca

    Thank you! You just saved me a ton of time… I’ve been searching for how to do this and trying to edit files per forum instructions, etc… glad I found you… all I had to do was click on plug-in, then in Firefox select Google Past Year as my default in the search bar.

    90% of my searches I want latest info… for other 10% I can change via advanced search to extend parameters.

    Thanks again!

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