Spring Framework Training

Senior Springframework Instructor

Total Spring 3.0 for Knowledge United.

Course Description

This 5 day course will teach you how to use the Spring framework to build a complete Enterprise Web Application

The Spring Framework is the leading full-stack Java/JEE application framework that simplifies enterprise application development and provides many of the "missing" functions in the JEE stack. In this course you'll start with a simple command line application while discovering the foundational concepts of Spring and will progress by growing the simple example into a full-fledge database driven Spring Web application covering the areas of persistence, Web user interface, security, messaging and Web 2.0 features.

Continuous Integration and TDD

Java EE, Springframework, Mobile Instructor

Course outline editor and instructor for continuous integration and test driven development classes at JC Penney's in Plano Texas, and Motorola in Boston, Massachusetts for Global Knowledge via Trivera Technologies

Java / JavaEE / Spring Boot Channel

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