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February-2008 to November-2008
Through: BASE Logic, Inc.
Client: ServePath; San Francisco, California USA
Position: Lead Architect

About Client:

ServePath has its origins in the success of its co-founders, who originally started the largest profitable Internet service provider on the West Coast—InReach Internet—in 1994. ServePath was started in early 2001 to solve a key critical demand in the marketplace for custom, dedicated server solutions and managed services for businesses of all sizes looking for a powerful internet hosting platform.. (

Project Summary:

The goal of the project was to rewrite the Customer Portal originally written in PHP.

Scope of Duties:

Mr. Knutson was tasked with architecting, designing and co-leading and onshore/off-shore team of 8 developers. Initially tasked with setting up a robust Maven build system to integrate a complex iBatis multi-database integration along with new role based security in ACEGI using JSF/Facelets for the user interface. Later mentored the team in these new technologies. Also setup test driven development best practices for both unit and functional testing. Also aided in an Ant to Maven conversion for all of servepath. This included setting up a robust continuous integration system with Hudson and Archiva running on Tomcat 6.


Java 5/6 (1.5/6), Spring framework, GWT, Tomcat 5/6, Jetty, MS SqlServer, MySql, XML, XSLT, iBatis, Hibernate, JPA, CXF, XFire, Axis, SOAP, JSON, Salesforce, TestNG, DBUnit, Selenium, Maven, Camel, ActiveMQ.

Java / JavaEE / Spring Boot Channel

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