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May-2002 to June-2003
Through: BASE Logic, Inc.
Client: UBS Warburg, Global Compensation Benefits division; Zurich, Switzerland.
Position: J2EE Solutions Consultant, Team Leader
About Client:

UBS Warburg is the Hedge fund division of UBS Payne Webber. UBS Warburg Global Compensation Benefits division manages all corporate awards and award management throughout UBS for 80,000 employees’ world-wide, managing 2.2 Billion CHF per year. (

Project Summary:

The goal of this project was to create an application for managing global compensation awards and liabilities. The project cost 200 Million CHF, and was delivered to the business on time with great success. This would include integrating with an existing compensation application. We first had to intercept the liabilities (stock, cash, FX, etc.), then process audit trails, profit and loss, and write to the Global General Ledger. At this point, the liabilities were then sent to group treasury or the market for execution. After liability execution, this application would have to distribute the assets with the appropriate settlement instructions. Security and secure audits were of high priority on this project.

Scope of Duties:

Mr. Knutson was tasked with managing requirements and business modeling artifact delivery from BA’s team and the client. This included clarifying use cases, business object models and other pertinent artifacts and formalized review of such artifacts. Mr. Knutson was then tasked with leading the elaboration and design efforts with a team of 10 designer/developers. This included modeling artifacts in Rational Rose, refinement of use cases, and generation of skeleton code. Mr. Knutson was then tasked with leading the development effort and managing the construction of the software design. Mick spent approximately 70% of his time with hands-on coding, and 30% with team leading activities.


Java 2 (1.3.1, 1.4), Rational Unified Process (RUP), Rational Rose, WSAD, UML, EJB 1.1, JTA, XML, JAXP, Bean Shell, Struts 1.1, JSF, Oracle 9i, WebSphere 4.0/5.0, MQ Series, SOAP, UDDI, WSDL.

Java / JavaEE / Spring Boot Channel

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