Company & Services

BASE Logic, Inc. is an Enterprise application development company. We can help define, develop and manage high quality Java, Spring and other related enterprise technology applications following SCRUM, Agile and XP practices.

We distinguish ourselves as a global leader in onshore, and offshore development.

Service Offerings

BASE Logic, Inc has expertise on SpringSource suite of products, including Spring, Roo, Integration, Groovy & Grails and Batch.

A few of our services include

  • Team Mentoring
  • Private Training
  • Customized application design and development
  • Application migration to Spring
  • Code Auditing
  • Spring and Enterprise Java Consulting

Our focus on software development is bring as much business value to our customers as possible.

Our Core Philosophy

  • Performs a role of a technology partner rather than technology vendor.
  • Software quality is #1.
  • Continuous Integration.
  • Test Driven Development.
  • Keep total transparency with the client.
  • Focus on business value.
  • Ensure we instill the knowledge and lessons learned with client.
  • If you succeed, we have succeeded!
Engagement Model

We try to offer as much business value as we can. We actively engage our clients and offer services and suggestions to help you be successful.

Our engagement model

  • Supplement your in-house team, with technical support and training services.
  • Supplement your in-house team with development, design and/or architectural services.
  • Train, mentor, and re-tool you in-house team with new and emerging enterprise technologies.
  • Outsourcing complete development to BASE Logic, including designing, development, testing, deployment and support.
Performance Support

Performance and scalability are always a concern. We can help with tacking performance issues, and implementing 'best practices' from concept to production.

Performance evaluation and improvement

  • Performance tuning of existing applications
  • Performance tuning training and support
Software Audits

Sometimes you need an independent assessment of your process, or product. BASE Logic can help you assess any part of the software development life-cycle, and help ensure you make an informed decision with your project.

Independent Software Audits

  • Code audits / reviews.
  • Performance and scalability audits.
  • Code recommendations.
  • Process Recommendations.

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