I just started a new project, and came across a bank of flash videos created with a tool called Wink used to help users setup their development environments. At first I though “why not just use a Wiki”? A few days later, as it would happen, I found a WordPress plugin for creating remotely hosted screen casts called Skoffer. I like this concept of integrating this into my WordPress, but hate the idea of someone else owning and managing files out of my control. So someday, they could just disappear.

So I started looking into Screen Casting. I first stumbled across a good article that is a great overview of screen casting, and several tools that you can use to create casts. While I tried Skoffer, and many of the tools on that page, for one reason or another, I did not like any of the solutions. Mostly due to cost and/or lack of features.

Just last week, I create a Blog about using a browser recording test tool called Bay Boy.

Since that post, I began exploring Wink myself, and now I am about to rewrite another post that uses Wink instead of screen captures.

Wink updated Bad Boy Post

The only issue with Wink, is that is does not run on Mac OSX.

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