PMD has long been a great report to find out many useful details of your code base.

I find that the default ruleset does not contain some checks that I find very useful especially when I have more junior developers. I can catch many problematic errors.

<?xml version=”1.0″?>

&lt;ruleset name="Custom ruleset"

 This ruleset checks my code for bad stuff

 &lt;!-- Here's some rules we'll specify one at a time --&gt;
 &lt;rule ref="rulesets/basic.xml"/&gt;

 &lt;!-- We want to customize this rule a bit, change the message and raise the priority  --&gt;
 &lt;rule ref="rulesets/basic.xml/EmptyCatchBlock"
 message="Must handle exceptions"&gt;

 &lt;rule ref="rulesets/codesize.xml"/&gt;
 &lt;rule ref="rulesets/codesize.xml/CyclomaticComplexity"&gt;
         &lt;property name="reportLevel" value="5"/&gt;
 &lt;rule ref="rulesets/controversial.xml" /&gt;
 &lt;rule ref="rulesets/coupling.xml" /&gt;

 &lt;rule ref="rulesets/design.xml" /&gt;
 &lt;rule ref="rulesets/imports.xml" /&gt;
 &lt;rule ref="rulesets/logging-java.xml" /&gt;

 &lt;rule ref="rulesets/optimizations.xml" /&gt;
 &lt;rule ref="rulesets/strictexception.xml" /&gt;
 &lt;rule ref="rulesets/strings.xml" /&gt;
 &lt;rule ref="rulesets/sunsecure.xml" /&gt;
 &lt;rule ref="rulesets/typeresolution.xml" /&gt;
 &lt;rule ref="rulesets/unusedcode.xml" /&gt;

 &lt;rule ref="rulesets/unusedcode.xml/UnusedLocalVariable" /&gt;
 &lt;rule ref="rulesets/unusedcode.xml/UnusedPrivateField" /&gt;

 &lt;!-- Note we want everything from braces.xml except WhileLoopsMustUseBraces --&gt;
 &lt;rule ref="rulesets/braces.xml"&gt;
     &lt;exclude name="WhileLoopsMustUseBraces"/&gt;

I uploaded my configuration to my server (, then I can access this on any project I am working on:

If you find you like your PMD a bit different, just customize the rules and put onto your webserver, then you can carry your rules with you.

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