This was my first time attending SpringOne, and I must say, I was truly impressed. Springsource did an amazing job getting a wide breadth of technologies to make this a valuable conference.

Some of the main sections I found personally valuable, and thus will be exploring and sharing with the team, are

  • New Spring 3.1 features: I am especially excited to look into Environment based Configuration.
  • Spring Integration: Spring now has complete Enterprise Integration Pattern support. This will allow a various set of data stores or services, including in-memory, for quick Enterprise Integration. Also supports JAXB and other Gateway adapters that make adoption easy.
  • Spring Insight: This profiling tool integrated into tcServer Developer edition makes developer profiling easy. The same profiling can be added to production as tcServer will still support clustered server profiling with very low latency., and
  • Document Data Stores: Many types of data integration where covered including Document based data stores. These will store documents like JSON, and SOAP verse traditional relational database stores.
  • The Zing Platform: Much more than just another JVM, it includes an application-aware resource controller and zero overhead, always-on production visibility and diagnostic tools. Zing also incorporates industry-leading, proven Azul technology to allow memory heap sizes up to 1 TB/instance and100x greater throughput and memory allocation rates than other Java platforms.  Zing requires no coding changes and is completely transparent to your application..


I would say this has been the best seminar I have ever attended, and will be attending next year as well.

Mick Knutson

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